Elizabeth Saltzman

Well over a century ago, my great-grandfather purchased land-locked, undevelopable, prone to flooding, wooded land in Kansas to divide up into parcels for each of his many children. After ownership was passed through multiple generations, the land is still growing trees, providing refuge for wildlife, and most is still owned by descendants of my great-grandfather. My small family branch inherited two small pieces of land.

I first spoke with Mikayla Boge over two years ago. Since I live in California, I needed a reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, patient, boots-on-the-ground kind of agent who could help us learn more about these properties and potentially help us navigate a sale from afar. Mikayla was always accessible, responded immediately, never said a question was silly, and always treated us with the utmost respect. If she did not know the answer immediately, she would always find out and promptly reply. Her follow­through was impeccable.

It is safe to say, these two small parcels of land are not particularly valuable and would not build an agent’s resume. However, from our very first conversation, Mikayla impressed me with her positive attitude, knowledge of the area, her creativity, openness to explore, and her honest willingness to learn all about these two land parcels. This was not going to be an easy sell. At every turn in the road, Mikayla personally uncovered old county records, maps, easements, and steered us to trusted legal advisors, escrow, and title officers. Mikayla was always willing to make the “hard” phone calls and constantly negotiated in our best interest.

Recently, the two parcels sold. Mikayla worked to complete these sales for over two years and never once made us feel that the size of the properties was not worth her time. I cannot give enough praise and thanks to Mikayla for her tireless efforts resulting in happy and very appreciative clients.

Elizabeth SaltzmanCalifornia