Kearney Co Irrigated Farm


Kearney Co Irrigated Farm has 236 + acres of irrigated land. It is a well located farm that offers good soils and ground water. Included in the sale are two T&L pivots (2002 and 2014), as well, as two 454 Chevy power units. Dry fertilizer was applied this fall through strip-till (30″ spacing) to prepare for the crop year. This is a gently rolling, productive farm that would be beneficial to any operation, and is open to farm for the 2018 crop year.

Well Information:

Two wells with (2) Chevy 454 motors (natural gas), located in the Tri-Basin NRD.
(West) #G-115152, drilled in 2002, 275’ well depth, pumping 800 gpm, 136’ static water level, 146’ pumping level.
(East) #G-085415, drilled in 1995, 283’ well depth, pumping 800 gpm, 142’ static water level, 159’ pumping level.