180.41 +/- Acre Combination Farm in Franklin County, NE

This farm offers a great mix of dryland and pasture land with quality grass and well-maintained 3 and 4-wire fences. Additionally, there is a half-mile stretch of 4-wire fence that is only a year old. The pasture is divided into east and west sections by cross-fencing. 21.9 acres of cropland have been seeded to grass.

Legal Description
SW 1/4 Section 18, Township 2 North, Range 13 West of 6th P.M.

Other Information
• The lease on the property has been terminated.
• Barbed wire catch pen in the southwest corner.

Water Source
• There are two ponds, one on the west side and the other on the east side of the cross fence.

FSA Information
Total Cropland Acres – 70.11 +/-
Wheat Base Acres – 10.9 – PLC Yield – 36
Corn Base Acres – 41.2 – PLC Yield – 119
Soybean Base Acres – 10.1 – PLC Yield – 40
Total Base Acres – 62.2


79.51 +/- Acre Dryland Farm in Franklin County, NE

SOLD $475,000

This very nice, non-irrigated 80 boasts high productivity and is situated just one mile from paved Nebraska Spur 31A and 2 miles east of Highway 10. Don’t miss out on this accessible and conveniently located farm.

Legal Description – W1/2 NW1/4 Section 9-Township 4 North-Range 14 West of the 6th P.M.

FSA Information

Total Cropland Acres: 77.02 +/-
Corn – 77.0 Base Acres – 134 PLC Yield
Total Base Acres – 77.0

*All leases have been terminated.


84.18 +/- Acres of Farmland in Buffalo County, NE

Prime Property for Sale with Excellent Location and High Development Potential

Located on the northeast side of exit 279 on Interstate 80 and Highway 10, this property boasts a highly desirable location. Thousands of vehicles pass by every day on these well-traveled roads, making it an ideal location for development. The property is conveniently located 170 miles west of Omaha and 360 miles east of Denver, making it an attractive destination for potential buyers. The seller has listed this property for sale subject to an access easement that runs with the land for the benefit of the seller and seller’s successors and assigns. All owned minerals convey. 

Legal Description
Part of lots 6, 8, 9 & 10 of N1/2 SW 1/4 Section 6 Township 8 North Range 14 West of the 6th P.M.

Irrigation Information
Located in the Central Platte NRD and has certified irrigation rights for 51.35 acres.

Irrigation Equipment
Well G-012349: drilled in May 1985, 1,100 gpm, 7′ static level, 20′ pumping level, 65′ well depth.

Additional Information
Building site with 960 sq. ft. house and barn.


160.06 +/- Acre Irrigated Farm in Franklin County, Nebraska


An outstanding irrigated farm offered for sale. This farm offers 68% Class I Holdrege Silt Loam soils with the balance of the farm being Class II Holdrege Silt Loam soils. There’s great highway access near several competitive grain markets. Rarely does a farm of this caliber get offered to the public for sale. Subject to 2023 crop lease. Take advantage of this opportunity to add to your land holdings!

Legal Description – Southeast 1/4 Section 13, Township 3 North, Range 15 West

FSA Information
Total Cropland Acres: 159.29

Soybeans – 3.9 Base Acres – 58 PLC Yield
Corn – 151.7 Base Acres – 199 PLC Yield
Grain Sorghum – 0.4 Base Acres – 95 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres – 156.0

Well Information – G-080527, Drilled 1988, 1,000 gpm, 183′ static level, 250′ well depth

Irrigation Information
-Pivot, power unit, and tanks owned by tenant.
-Located in the Lower Republican NRD and has certified irrigation rights for 137.2 acres. Water use in the area is regulated and the 2023 allocation for the next five years is 45″. In addition, the farm has 9″ of carryover from the previous allocation.

*For more information, please contact the Lower Republican Natural Resources District, (308) 928-2182.

-Occupation taxes:  $1,097.60



LAND AUCTION – 640.61 +/- Acre Pasture in Custer County – Offered in 2 tracts or as an entire parcel


Tract 1 – $1,400

Tract 2 – $1,300



Friday, October 14th at 1:30 p.m.
Custer County Fairgrounds | 4-H Building
44100 Memorial Drive
Broken Bow, NE 68822

640.61 +/- Acres offered in 2 tracts or as an entire parcel

Centrally located hardland pasture that would be a great addition to any cattle operation. For the avid outdoorsman, there is outstanding recreational potential. Access to the property is by township road located on the west side. Currently, water is supplied by one windmill and water wells from neighboring properties.

Tract 1 Acres – 319.65 +/-   Tract 1 Real Estate Taxes – $3,510.00

Tract 2 Acres – 320.96 +/-   Tract 2 Real Estate Taxes – $3,403.76

Legal Descriptions – North 1/2 Section 16, Township 15 North, Range 21 West; South 1/2 Northeast 1/4 & Southeast 1/4 Section 8, Township 15 North, Range 21 West; North 1/2 Northeast 1/4 Section 17, Township 15 North, Range 21 West

Water Wells – Three windmills are located on the property. Two of the three windmills are not working. There are three tanks on the property where water is supplied from the neighbors’ wells. All water tanks are owned by the tenant.


LAND AUCTION – 140.78 +/- Acres in Kearney County

SOLD: $11,100 / Acre



Friday, April 1st at 10 a.m.

Axtell Community Hall
419 Main Street
Axtell, Nebraska 68924

Up for auction is a very nice farm consisting of 86 +/- acres of pivot irrigated cropland, 41 +/- acres of gravity irrigated cropland, 11 +/- acres of dry cropland, and 2.78 +/- acres of roads and waste. This property is open for the 2022 crop year!

Legal Description –Pt. SW1/4 Section 17, Township 6 North, Range 16 West (full legal description to come from title commitment)

Drainage Taxes – $19.35

Irrigation Equipment

  • Deep Well: G-036138 drilled in 1971, 900 gpm, static level 72 ft., pumping level 83 ft., well depth 200 ft., 60 hp electric motor.
  • Surface Water: 10 hp electric motor.
  • Pivot: 2013 Valley 8000, 8 tower pivot, nozzled at 800 gpm.

Irrigation Information

  • Located in the Tri-Basin Natural Resource District and has certified irrigation rights for 137.61 acres.
  • There are 35 CNPPID contract acres.


163.94 +/- Acre Combination Farm in Franklin County

  • Nice combination farm northeast of Franklin, NE.
  • Includes an irrigation well and power unit.
  • Good fences around the pasture land.
  • Pivot is owned by the tenant.
  • Subject to 2022 lease.

Legal Description – NW1/4 Section 28-T3N-R13W


FSA Information

Total Cropland Acres: 57.09

Wheat: 7.06 Base Acres – PLC Yield 45

Corn: 27.75 Base Acres – PLC Yield 139

Grain Sorghum: 1.23 Base Acres – PLC Yield 89

Soybeans: 20.97 Base Acres – PLC Yield 44

Total Base Acres: 57.01


Well Information

Well #198619, drilled in 2009, 500 gpm, static level 46 ft., pumping level 56 ft., well depth 100 ft.



225.72 +/- Acre Pivot Irrigated Farm in Kearney County

  • Outstanding pivot irrigated farm with swing tower pivots.
  • Located south of Norman, Nebraska on a paved road.
  • Offers over 70% Class I Holdrege and Detroit silt loam soils.
  • Open for the 2022 crop season.

Legal Description – N1/2 SE1/4 Section 29, T6N, R13W and NE1/4 of Section 29, T6N, R13W excluding farmstead acreage

FSA Information

Total Cropland Acres: 220.91

Corn: 144.2 Base Acres – 199 PLC Yield

Soybeans: 76.7 Base Acres – 60 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres: 220.9

Irrigation Information – Located in the Tri-Basin NRD and has certified irrigation rights for 213.47 acres.

Well Information

North Well:  G-029594, drilled in 1986, 1,300 gpm, static level 98 ft., pumping level 150 ft., well depth 233 ft.

South Well:  G-098767, drilled in 1998, 800 gpm, static level 90 ft., pumping level 90 ft., well depth  200 ft.

Pivot Information

South pivot: 1996 T&L with 2015 swing tower

Pivot East of House: 1980 5 tower T&L pivot

Pivot West of House: 1980 4 tower T&L pivot with 2015 swing tower


160 +/- Acre Combination Farm in Webster County, NE

  •  Nice combination farm that consists of dryland, grassland, and CRP acres.
  • Offers productive Holdrege Silt Loam soils.
  • Two dams and a submersible stock well provide water for the pasture.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to own an outstanding farm!

Well Information – #G-164750, drilled in 2012, 225’ well depth, pumping 10 gpm, 180’ static water level, 180’ pumping level

CRP Information – 37.09 acres are enrolled in the CRP program. The CRP rental rate is $125.07/acre. Annual payment is shared 50-50 with the tenant.

FSA Information

Total Cropland Acres: 76.09

Wheat: 9.75 Base Acres – 39 PLC Yield

Corn: 19.5 Base Acres – 113 PLC Yield

Soybeans: 9.75 Base Acres – 44 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres: 39.00


310 +/- Acres of CRP & Grassland in Franklin County

Nice 310 acres of CRP and grassland in Franklin County, NE.  Great recreational property for the avid hunter.  This property won’t last long!

Legal Description:   East 1/2 Section 34 T3N R14W

FSA Information:

CRP Contract 384A      125.6 Acres   Annual Payment $7,662   Expires 9/30/2020

CRP Contract 385A       79.6 Acres    Annual Payment $4,963   Expires 9/30/2020

CRP Contract 10016A  35.4 Acres    Annual Payment $2,159   Expires 9/30/2021