Kraig Urkoski

Clarks NE

Farm and Ranch Specialist

Kraig Urkoski, is a fourth generation farmer, and was born and raised on the family farm north of Clarks, Nebraska, where he currently resides. Kraig has farmed side by side with his father for nearly 25 years. Passionate about farming he gravitated towards a second career helping other farmers with their real estate needs. Kraig knows that his level of knowledge, professionalism, and real life skills will fill a need in the Nebraska agricultural real estate market.

Kraig is married to Kara and have four children, Kylee, Anna, Carter and Blake. When he is not farming, he enjoys being involved in his children’s activities and hanging out at the lake.


162 +/- Acre Pivot Irrigated Farm in Merrick County

Total Acres: 162
Merrick Co., NE southwest of Central City
Price: $1,218,300
Under Contract

128+/- Acre Irrigated Farmland in Merrick County

Total Acres: 129
Merrick Co., NE southwest of Clarks
Price: $643,500
Recently Sold

Commercial Property in Fullerton, NE

Nance Co., NE in Fullerton
Price: $160,000

146 +/- Acre Pivot Irrigated Farm in Nance County

Total Acres: 146
Nance Co., NE Southeast of Fullerton
Price: $673,118
Recently Sold

88 +/- Acre Dryland Farm in Nance County, NE

Total Acres: 88
Nance Co., NE west of Silver Creek
Price: $293,304
Recently Sold

159 +/- Acre Pivot Irrigated Farm

Total Acres: 159
Polk Co. NE East of Shelby
Price: $1,211,288
Recently Sold