44.84 +/- Irrigated Acres in Merrick County


This is a nice flat farm with drip tape used to irrigate the farm. It would be a great piece of land for a first-time land owner. It is located at the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 92, so it would be an excellent location for a commercial business.


Legal Description:

Part of Southeast 1/4 Section 10, Township 14 North, Range 5 West South of Rail Road


Well Information:

Located in the Central Platte Natural Resource District with 42.68 certified irrigated acres. 


Well #G132704

GPM: 500

Well Depth: 32′

Drilled: 3/29/2004

Static Level: 10′

Pumping Level: 30′


Well #G-032617

GPM: 650

Well Depth: 33′

Drilled: 2/9/1970

Static Level: 4′

Pumping Level: 33′


FSA Information:

Total Cropland Acres: 44.84

Corn – 44.8 Base Acres, 181 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres: 44.8



80.00 +/- Irrigated Acres in Polk County, NE

Nearly level, productive gravity-irrigated 80 with the potential for a pivot to be added to it. This Polk County farm has Class I, Class II, and Class III soils consisting of mainly Alda loam and Leshara silt loam soils. It is located in close proximity to multiple grain elevators and ethanol plants.


Legal Description:

North 1/2 Northeast 1/4 section 14, Township 15 North, Range 3 West


FSA Information:

Total Cropland: 76.11 Ac

Corn 61.1 Base Ac, 124 PLC Yield

Soybeans 11.5 Base Ac, 44 PLC Yield

Wheat 3.3 Base Ac, 38 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres: 75.9


Well Information:

G-020107 drilled June 6, 1955 in the Central Platte NRD with 76.43 certified irrigated acres

GPM: 600

Static Level:  11′

Pumping Level:  33′

Well Depth:  40′



7.73 +/- Acres – Acreage in Merrick County, NE

This acreage is located on a hard to find tract of land northeast of Clarks, NE

Lined with established trees along the road, this is the perfect place for your future home and buildings.


Legal Description:

West 1/2 Lot 2 Section 34, Township 16 North, Range 4 West



79.77 +/- Irrigated Acres in York County, NE


Highly productive farm that has high fertility and consisting of majority Class 1 Hastings silt loam soils.  Located north of Waco, NE and near elevators and ethanol plants. Acres all around this farm are in seed corn production.


Legal Description:

West 1/2 Southeast 1/4 Section 5, Township 11 North, Range 1 West


Irrigation Information:

-Located in the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District, and has 68.2 certified irrigated acres

-2008 Zimmatic 7 Tower pivot with 454 power unit

-Well #G-047442

Drilled: 11/6/1975

GPM: 600

Well Depth: 260′

Static Level: 90′

Pumping Level: 160′


FSA Information:

Total Cropland Acres: 81.34

Corn – 70 Base Acres, 180 PLC Yield

Soybeans – 3.4 Base Acres, 54 PLC Yield

Grain Sorghum – 1.7 Base Acres, 81 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres:  75.1



146.33 +/- Irrigated Acres in Nance County, NE

Nice pivot-irrigated farm containing all class II soils consisting of mainly Lamo-saltine complex and Leshara silt loam soils.

This property is located close to multiple elevators & ethanol plants, and is open for the 2023 crop year.


110.60 +/- Irrigated Acres
33.90 +/- Dryland Acres
1.83 +/- Other Acres


Property Improvements:

  • Roughly 510 ft. of 6″ diamond plastic pipe with 30″ gates, 1-6″ shutoff, Isuzu Power unit, 500 gallon diesel fuel tank, 15 hp generator, 4 cylinder IH power unit
  • 1-submersible well, 2-western landroller irrigation pumps with pulley heads, 2 irrigation casings with no pumps in them
  • 7 tower early 2000 T&L pivot


Legal Description:

Pt of Southeast 1/4 & Lots 3 & 4 Section 34,Township 16 North, Range 5 West


FSA Info

Cropland Acres: 143.52

Corn: 143.5 Base Acres, 135 PLC Yield

Total Base Acres 143.5



Residential Lot – Arnold, NE 0.50 +/- Acre Lot

Residential Lot in Arnold, NE

0.50 +/- Acre Lot

Nice large lot for sale in the Northwestern edge of Arnold, NE. Property has great protection, sewer and electricity established.


Legal Description

Lot 11, except the North 30.0′ of Lot 11, and except the East 75.0′ of Lot 11, Block One (1), R.E. Allen’s Second Addition to Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska



White River Ranch West – 5,888.56 +/- Deeded Acres in Dawes County, NE

White River Ranch West is a grazing operation that consists of an all-continuous 5,888.56 +/- total acres. The Gorr Reservoir, an underground water system feeding several tanks, and multiple holding ponds spread throughout the ranch provide an abundance of water sources for livestock. The ranch has several miles of new fence, two sets of cattle working facilities in great condition, a 1,680 sq. ft. home with recent updates, and excellent US Highway 385 access.

The property has the White River running through the southeast corner of the property creating productive sub-irrigated river meadows. Also existing is 155.41 +/- acres of dryland providing additional production opportunity. Many mule deer, whitetail deer, turkey, and antelope tend to travel the creek bottoms, graze the sub-irrigated meadows, and roam the several thousand acres of open prairie this ranch has to offer. For the waterfowl and upland bird hunters, the recreational opportunities are almost neverending! Volunteer cedar trees, thistles, and other noxious weeds have been well maintained making this a very clean ranch.

White River Ranch is located only a few miles outside of Chadron, NE which provides all of your much-needed essentials and more. The property is also close to several national forests, reservoirs, and airports. Chadron State Park and Fort Robinson State Park are both within a 25-mile drive from the White River Ranch. For a quick weekend getaway with the family, Angostura Reservoir in South Dakota is 40 miles away.

This ranch is being offered with the intention of the Sellers to complete a successful 1031 exchange.

Legal Descriptions
Township 34 North – Range 49 West of the 6th P.M.
Section 7: SE ¼ (175.63 +/- Acres)
Section 17: All (650.91 +/- Acres)
Section 18: All (706.62 +/- Acres)
Section 19: All (697.41 +/- Acres)
Section 20: All (672.15 +/- Acres)
Section 21: All (633.39 +/- Acres)
Section 22: All (618.74 +/- Acres)
Section 27: N ½, SE ¼ (478.70 +/- Acres)
Section 28: N ½ (320.54 +/- Acres)
Section 29: N ½ NE ¼, SE ¼ NE ¼, NE ¼ SE ¼, W ½ (502.23 +/- Acres)
Section 34: N ½ NE ¼, SE ¼, NE ¼ (116.17 +/- Acres)
Township 34 – Range 50 West of the 6th P.M.
Section 13: E ½ (315.77 +/- Acres)


White River Ranch East – 893 +/- Deeded Acres in Dawes County, NE

White River Ranch East sits just 10 minutes north of Chadron, NE along the east side of US Highway 385. The property consists of 893 +/- acres that are set up as a haying and winter grazing operation. There are a total of 87.88 +/- irrigated acres and 620.91 +/- acres of dryland/sub-irrigated river meadows on this property that have mostly been planted to an alfalfa grass hay mix producing over 1,500-2,000 round bales on an average year averaging 1,500 pounds in weight. The additional 184.54 +/- acres of hardland grass tend to be utilized for hay production as well but makes good winter forage once the haying season has ended.

A majority of the interior fences have been rebuilt within the last couple of years as the property is cross-fenced into multiple pastures set up for rotational grazing. White River Ranch East has one windmill along with its own well with an underground waterline system feeding several stock tanks. Grain storage is available in the southeast portion of the property.

The property has just over 1.7 miles of the White River which is a large wildlife attraction and provides great winter protection. The White River Ranch headquarters is located on this portion of the property and includes a 1,104 sq. ft. home built in 1914, three large utility buildings, a barn, and several other tool sheds and small outbuildings for storage. The trees are well-established for privacy and the river runs right off the headquarters to the east!

This ranch is being offered with the intention of the Sellers to complete a successful 1031 exchange.

Legal Descriptions
Township 33 North – Range 49 West of the 6th P.M.
Section 2: NE ¼, PT. SE ¼ (307.96 Acres)
Township 34 North – Range 49 West of the 6th P.M.
Section 26: W ½ SW ¼, SW ¼ NW ¼ (115.06 +/- Acres)
Section 35: S ½, NW ¼ (470.31 +/- Acres)

Dawes12 East